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Nikos Ksilouris

Nikos Ksilouris & 3 Poems
2 DVD Documentary Set
+ 1 luxurious big booklet
with RARE never seen pictures
of his life.

For first time in Greece, it circulates a unique hommage in Nikos Xyloyris A infrequent collection publication of memory and love, in which are presented the course and the unknown aspects of life of Nikos Xyloyris. This astonishing publication includes 2 products in a luxurious casket:

1. Luxurious album with unpublished photographic material from the life of Nikos Xyloyris.

2. This shocking film from Stayroy Stratigakoy “Nikos Xyloyris and 3 poems” that record the life and the work of Nikos Xyloyris, in 2 DVD.
Summary of A shocking film - hommage for Nikos Xyloyri that records the life and the course of Nikos. Nikos Xyloyris comes in Athens (the city that at a opinion it was also the cause of his death…) from Crete, the period of dictatorship.
With the voice and his morals, in little time, it exceeds the limits of simple interpreter of songs, he become known in all Greece and in the abroad. The French Musical Academy rewards him and from Japan she reaches a cinematographic garage that him seeks insistently, all these few months front bursts out the student revolt in the Techical university that the presence and the songs of Nikos Xyloyris stamped indeliblily.
In the lens are recorded the narrations of his wife Urany, his girl and Psarantonis, while from the film “pass” the recollections of Domna Samioy ,Tasoy Goydeli, Kostas Lalioti, Maria Karra, Stayroy Xarchakoy, Mpampi Zacharopoyloy, householder “Lidras”, that had become the place of students at the duration of dictatorship, Kostas Kazakoy, Kostas Manioydaki, remembers the unforgetable moments with Xyloyris from that season, Stayroy Pasparaki who was singing with him, Yannis Kefalogiannis and many other that speak for the morals and the special profile of Nikos Ksilouris

Christos Koytelis, Yannis Exarchos, Micheal Sossios, Dimitris Pistolis, Telis Metaksas, Manolis Boyrexakis

Yannis Xiroychakis

Kaboyras Dim. Foykarakis
Assistant of Director:
Evgenia Giannakopoyloy

Victory Media S.A. 2006 (File [ERT] HM Greece, 2004)
At this amazing trip you will hear the best songs of Nikos Ksilouris:
1.Itane mia fora 2.Mpikan stin Poli Oi Extroi 3.Oraios Pou Eisai Aygerine
4.Mana Polla Maloneis Me 5.Den Klain Oi Dynates Kardies 6.Gyrnan Amilita Paidia
7.H Kakomoira H Mana Mou 8.Zavarakatranemia 9.O Myriolis
10.Pallikari Sta Sfakia 11.H Mpalanta Tou Kyr Mentiou 12.Ap' Ton Hanion Tin Porta
13.Ego Eimai Tou Mpakse Pouli 14.Zamania To 'Ha Na Se Do 15.Arismarovitsoverga
16.Anathema Pou Agapisa To Homa Sou Patrida 17.Erotokritos 18.Agrimia Ki Agrimakia Mou
19.Xilia Myria Kymata Makria T' Aivali 20.Akra Tou Tafou Siopi 21.p.X.
22.Ta Logia Kai Ta Hronia 23.PoteTha Kanei Ksasteria 24.Perama
25.O Kalogeros 26.Anyfantou 27.Ton Antreiomeno Min Ton Klais
28.Filoi Kai Adelfia 29.O Kserizomos 30.Gialisan Ta koumpia
31.Genithika Se Mia Stigmi 32.Pos Na Sopaso Mesa Mou 33.Tzivaeri Mou
34.Aytoi Pou Perimenoun 35.O Tahydromos Pethane 36.Kai Na Adelfe Mou
37.Eisai Psyhi Mou 38.Alexandreia 39.Geia Sou Hara Sou Venetia
40.Kai Pan Kai Pane 41.Tin Eikona Sou (Hromata Ki Aromata)

Some words about Nikos Ksylouris

Xilouris is one of the best known of the local singers, partly because he was "discovered" by Markopoulos and became a big star in the rest of Greece. For Anogians he was god. He was an ambassador for the village, which flourished with tourism. What made Xilouris a huge name and a hero to all Greeks was something that happened in 1973. At that time Greece was under a dictatorship led by Papadopoulos. Greek University students were protesting at the polytechnic university. The tanks were ordered in and there was a stand off. Xilouris put himself in much danger when one evening during the stand-off he climbed to the top of the wall surrounding the polytechnic played his lyra and sang "pote tha kani xasteria" (when will we have a starlit sky) a traditional Cretan revolutionary song. The next day or so the tanks rolled through the gates and killed a number of students. This was the beginning of the end of the Hounta. He was a loving man and obviously had incredible talent. He was a self-taught entertainer with more charisma then you could ever dream of. His music still goes on as if he was still alive. He was born and raised in Anogia, a beautiful little village on the foothills of the mountains, with more heroes than any other place on the Island of Crete. He was a hero in so many ways. His love for his Country came before his personal safety. He was a man that never forgot his roots, and fame never got to his head. He was as common in the peak of his career as he was when he was on Crete, singing and playing at local weddings and baptisms. His voice was music and it always felt as if angels came from the sky to guide his orchestra His wife, Mrs Ourania, owns and operates a music store in Athens and his music is still as popular many years after his death as when he was alive. f you ever have the opportunity to visit Anogia, you will find that every home nearly has a picture of him on their wall. He was everyone?s friend, everyone?s loving and proud son. They just don't make them like Niko anymore. No one will ever replace his loving smile, his loving heart and those memories that will live for His legacy will live forever and God took him away from us way too soon. But it was His will and we shall honour it, no matter how painful it still is. His legacy will live forever. When illness came up on him somewhat suddenly, it hit Greece and Crete as if he was the son of the Country. He made great contributions to Cretan and to Greek music. He got cancer in his mid forties and died in the States receiving treatment, on the 6th of April 1980.

Special Characteristics of the DVD BOX SET
Description: 2 DVD Documentary BOX SET with one Colored
BOOKLET with 94 pages with very RARE pictures !
Picture: 4:3 (Full Screen)
Subtitles: NO subtitles
Video System: PAL, is compatible in EUROPE,UK & AUSTRALIA
in other Countries (with NTSC SYSTEM) the DVDs plays
only in PAL compatible DVD players, so watch out.
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
DVD-ROM: They will play on any Computer DVD-ROM
Audio: Original Audio Greek
Total Time: Over 120 Minutes

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